Noyo 360 is the only purpose-built set of APIs covering the entire life of a policy

Rescue policy administration tasks from the dark ages with fast, accurate data exchange from quoting to renewal.

Bring digital benefits administration full circle

Deliver the marketplace shopping experience your customers expect with seamless data exchange behind the scenes. Noyo 360 includes endpoints for quoting, group installation, enrollment maintenance, and renewal.

Reduce the friction of activating new partners

With Noyo powering data exchange under the hood, the process to activate new partners and groups is simple and fast. On average, new groups can be activated in under a week.

Trust Noyo to get transactions done right

Our proactive audits, round-trip confirmation, and data quality verifications ensure that transactions occur exactly as intended. And if they don’t, the Noyo team actively works to resolve issues wherever possible.

One standard integration experience for everyone

Eliminate the hassle of conducting separate security audits, scoping custom integrations, and undergoing testing for each partner; Noyo owns the complete technical onboarding process for you.

Noyo 360 key features

The Noyo 360 suite of API endpoints is designed to automate and streamline the most painful parts of the policy administration process.

Product and rate data on demand

Fetch real-time product and rate data to create the best shopping and quoting experience for prospective groups.

Digitize group apps and documents

Don’t let group applications and important documents get lost in email; digitally submit, track, and manage each piece of your application.

Install groups quickly

Clearly defined requirements and on-demand application status make group installation a breeze.

Hands-free enrollment and renewal

Noyo’s endpoints automate the process of ongoing group enrollment and renewal, removing manual work for brokers and employers.

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

The age of connected insurance demands fast, accurate data exchange. Get to market with powerful API solutions to fit any stack.