Seamlessly handle the constant stream of member transactions

Your customers depend on you for accurate, up-to-date coverage–don’t let them down. Noyo’s APIs streamline enrollments for groups of any size.

Avoid costly coverage disruptions and customer service escalations

Traditional methods of benefits data exchange cause delays, disruptions, and mistakes. It’s time to upgrade to API-powered enrollment to ensure a great customer experience.

Remove the burden of manual enrollment

Brokers and employers can leave the manual work of file feeds, paper, and portals behind. We automate large volumes of coverage, demographic, and status changes, no matter the complexity, and we make sure transactions happen as intended.

Effortless open enrollment and renewal

Noyo’s APIs can exchange data continuously with carrier systems. This means there are no blackouts or waiting periods during open enrollment, and yearly renewals are fast and easy.

Trust Noyo to get transactions done right

Ditch puzzling EDI error reports, long email chains, back-and-forth phone calls, and endless support tickets. Noyo’s technology ensures transactions go through successfully every time, and we provide extra support to resolve issues if needed.

Enrollment key features

Noyo’s APIs for ongoing enrollment are developer-friendly, quick to activate, and comprehensive. We cover adds, terms, demographic changes, QLEs, and more.

Proprietary round-trip confirmation

Our technology can both write to and read from carriers, allowing us to identify issues faster and perform proactive audits for transaction success.

Automated data validation

Our APIs have built-in data validation and business logic enforcement to prevent errors from ever reaching a carrier’s system.

Unique tooling for platforms

Noyo provides a dashboard that allows unprecedented control and transparency. Monitor transactions and resolve issues all in one place.

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

The age of connected insurance demands fast, accurate data exchange. Get to market with powerful API solutions to fit any stack.