Engineering at Noyo

Transforming the way insurance and benefits are delivered to millions of consumers.

We believe in empowering all developers to ship code safely and efficiently


Our backend services are written in Python 3 and Flask. All of our services are backed by PostgreSQL databases, but we are expanding into more non-relational data stores. We deploy all services via Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.


All of our frontend applications are developed using React and Redux. We deploy these applications using Firebase Hosting.

Deployment & Infrastructure

We host our infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. We empower developers to provision and manage their own infrastructure, with the help of our infra team, via Terraform. All of our code is deployed via continuous integration / continuous deployment.

Inside Noyo

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Question & Answer

Tony, Engineer Manager

How has your career grown since starting at Noyo?

“I was an eng manager at a fintech startup, so tackling new problems and regularly writing code excited me. I didn’t have any Python or insurance knowledge, but my experience building APIs in a complex domain has really helped.” -Tony, Engineer Manager

Mohsin, Engineer

What kinds of technical challenges do you and your team face?

“I’ve been working on increasing the capacity and efficiency of our integrations with insurance carriers. Our APIs are processing more and more volume by the day, so it’s critical for us to support our own growth with scalable solutions.” -Mohsin, Engineer

Shannon, CEO/Co-Founder

What is your vision for the company?

“Employee benefits should be easy to access and understand so everyone is empowered to make the best decision about their care. Noyo enables this future by building modern API infrastructure so insurance data can move more freely.” -Shannon, CEO/Co-Founder

Perspectives from the team that's building Noyo


Inside Noyo Engineering: Coding the age of connected insurance

I believe we’re in the early stages of software taking over every industry, including health insurance and healthcare more broadly. There’s an incredible amount of progress being made toward a unified, tech-enabled ecosystem.

Our interview process

We want all candidates to have access to the same information, resources, and support so you know what to expect. While the process may differ slightly for different roles or teams, here are some of the ways we interview candidates. If for any reason you need accommodation while interviewing, please let your recruiter know.

Virtual Chats

You’ll start with shorter conversations with the hiring manager or a peer on the team. These are designed to share more information about Noyo and assess key skills for the role.

Coding Assessment

Our coding exercise emulates the work you’ll do in the role. We typically provide a working application built on our stack along with requirements for what to build next. You’ll have two options for the solution you build, whichever best suits your skills.

In-depth Interviews

This is where you’ll meet different members of the team via video to discuss a theme that is related to the role. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know us better too.

Come join us!

Noyo is a place for creative, energetic builders to solve complex problems that impact every American. We are looking for people who will bring their unique experiences and perspectives as we build something special together.