Diversity & Inclusion

The people, technology, and systems we're building are catalysts for change.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Noyo


Systems of racial and economic injustice must be dismantled and a new system created to bring justice to the marginalized communities that are most affected.


Capability and talent are universal, access is not. Equity is not just the absence of discrimination and/or oppression, but the presence of values and systems that ensure fairness and justice.


Diversity encompasses underrepresented people in the areas of race, gender, ethnic group, disability, age, sexual orientation, tenure, cognitive style, personality, organizational function, education, background, and so much more.


Belonging is when all people feel included and celebrated because because of who they are, not despite it.

Vision & Mission

We want Noyo to be continuously known as a place where people bring forward their viewpoints, feel included because of their uniqueness, and experience an enriched lens of the world.

The benefits industry is providing financial services that are meant to cover everyone in the country, but it is disproportionately white and male. Building a future where healthcare is more accessible cannot be done without devising new and creative ways of working together. Our technology supports products and services that are meant to serve everyone, and we intend to use our growing influence in the industry to create more opportunities for all. This means bringing together a unique mix of people, personalities, and skill sets and also creating a culture where everyone feels included and celebrated.

We give Employee Resource Groups the support they deserve

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a critical role in helping us feel connected through a common cause or interest. Those who lead an ERG are paid for their time and ERGs are granted a budget to support their work.

Where We're Focused Today

Reach out to us to learn more about how we drive toward these goals.

Build the foundation

Establish an inclusive foundation to support hiring & building diverse teams.

Turn insights into action

Assess Noyo’s structure, systems, processes, and mechanisms at a consistent cadence so we can understand our progress and identify opportunities to improve.

Proactively hire diverse talent

Attract & retain the most capable and diverse people to execute Noyo’s vision.

Be champions, inside and out

Share our story along the way to catalyze change within our communities and industry.

Where We Stand Today

Updated Fall 2021

Come join us!

Noyo is a place for creative, energetic builders to solve complex problems that impact every American. We are looking for people who will bring their unique experiences and perspectives as we build something special together.