The first (and only) API built for enrollment confirmation

Illuminate the black box of carrier systems with a single API call.

Quickly and easily confirm group, individual, or dependent coverage

A quick integration with Noyo’s Verification API gives you the power to read data from an insurance carrier on demand so you can understand the state of coverage and transactions.

Close the loop for your customers

Provide the most accurate enrollment information to your customers, whether you’re confirming new coverage or ensuring that demographic changes were processed as expected.

Catch and resolve issues faster

With on-demand data through Noyo’s API, you can identify and resolve coverage issues fast to prevent impacts for your customers.

Make the most of your operations team

Operations teams used to log in to portals, send hundreds of emails, and spend hours on the phone to confirm the state of member coverage. With Noyo, those days are gone–you can streamline workflows and focus your ops talent in other areas.

Verification key features

For benefits platforms that want to get up and running fast with Noyo’s best-in-class APIs, Verification is the place to start.

A single, simple API call

A single, fast integration–usually completed in about a week–is all you need to start reading data from a carrier.

Everything you need to know

A call to our Verification endpoint returns comprehensive coverage information, including group, member, dependent, and plan status.

Data on demand

Thanks to our deep integrations with carrier systems, the Verification API can be called at any time or we can deliver data at recurring intervals.

If you do benefits, you need Noyo

The age of connected insurance demands fast, accurate data exchange. Get to market with powerful API solutions to fit any stack.