September 1, 2021

Insurtech Digital: Noyo expands partnership with Guardian Life

More employers than ever are looking to move away from manual paper processes and migrate toward digitizing their core benefits processes. According to Guardian’s Workplace Benefits Study “Digital Overdrive”, the desire for digital innovation is clear: one out of three employers would recommend switching to a carrier that offers real-time connectivity that can take employee experiences to the next level.

Noyo claims to meet that need with an end-to-end infrastructure solution that includes flexible, powerful APIs for immediate, secure data exchange, complete with round-trip confirmation protocols and unparalleled auditing capabilities that identify and prevent errors before they occur. Through their partnership with Noyo, Guardian will increase the scale of benefits administration platforms with which it offers integrations, ultimately allowing customers to reduce errors, simplify complex processes, and save time.

Learn more about how expanding the Noyo-Guardian Life partnership will help broaden their network of connected insurance platforms.

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