November 16, 2021

How open enrollment works with Noyo

There's a lot to accomplish during open enrollment season as employers, brokers, benefit platforms, and carriers work to ensure a smooth transition to the new plan year.

Noyo's API technology is uniquely positioned to streamline this process, making it easy to confirm that plans are correctly set up and automating the flurry of open enrollment changes.

Here’s how to get started managing open enrollment with Noyo

Before open enrollment starts

Our full set of open enrollment endpoints (renewal readiness, open enrollment member requests, and COBRA open enrollment member requests) are available to customers using our Noyo 360 and Enrollments solutions. For the best experience processing high change volumes at the start of the new year, we recommend that all integrations with Noyo’s API be completed by the end of October. Noyo’s renewal readiness endpoints* verify that policies are installed correctly at the carrier, preventing group-level issues that can delay or disrupt coverage. They also provide clarity about when carriers are ready to receive enrollments for the new plan year.

Using renewal readiness

  1. Integrate with our renewal readiness endpoints.

  2. Communicate your group’s plan decisions directly to the carrier in whatever way works best for you.

  3. Send Noyo the expected lines of coverage and renewal date. Noyo then periodically syncs with the carrier system to check whether the submitted plan decisions have been applied.

  4. Poll the API to get a carrier readiness status; if there is an issue, Noyo will return a status of 
not ready along with an error message to guide your escalation to the carrier.

*For Noyo clients who have not completed integration with the renewal readiness endpoints but have been using Noyo for member eligibility, the Get group plans and Get group enrollments endpoints can be used to retrieve certain information about the state of carrier systems.

During open enrollment

Noyo’s window for accepting open enrollment changes generally starts 30 days before the new effective date and ends 30 days after enrollment closes with the carrier. Send all changes as open enrollment member requests; these requests, like any that go through Noyo, are protected by our auditing and round-trip confirmation capabilities.

Noyo will sync with the carrier system to ensure that requests were processed correctly, and potential coverage-impacting issues will be surfaced in the Noyo Reconciliation tool. Unlike with EDI, you are also free to send current plan year changes through Noyo while the group’s open enrollment window is open.

After open enrollment

Once all open enrollment changes have been completed, you can continue to send current year changes as new hire, QLE, termination, demographic change, or COBRA member requests. Interested in using Noyo for more than just open enrollment? See how the full suite of Noyo 360 APIs unlock the same level of speed, accuracy, and transparency across each step of policy administration.

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