March 9, 2022

HealthBiz podcast: Interview with Noyo CEO Shannon Goggin

In this episode of the HealthBiz Podcast, Noyo's CEO Shannon Goggin talks with David E. Williams, President of the Health Business Group, about growing up in Maine, her first venture running a hot-dog stand, and how her time at Zenefits helped her see the need for a tech layer in the benefits space.

Listen to the episode to hear about her journey to co-founding Noyo, the connections gateway for modern insurance and a complete API solutions for benefits software transforming data exchange. Plus, why reading essays about the places you live can help you enjoy them even more.

About Health Business Group

Health Business Group is a leading healthcare business consulting firm advising companies, non-profits and investors in healthcare services, health information technology, and pharmaceutical services. The company's client service professionals average more than 15 years of healthcare strategy consulting, industry, and start-up experience.

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