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Behind the scenes of benefits enrollment

Insurance enrollments are largely done by hand, which can lead to processing delays and costly mistakes. Imagine if a recently married employee named Meg wants to add a new spouse to her medical insurance. She logs in to her company’s HR platform and requests to add her spouse. Before Noyo, this change might take weeks to process and contain errors that result in Meg’s spouse experiencing an unexpected gap in coverage. After Noyo, the process is quick, efficient, and transparent.

Without Noyo

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With Noyo


With Noyo, benefits enrollment is:



Noyo sends requests to carriers 
immediately without delays for manual data scrubbing or carrier-specific formatting.



Noyo keeps systems in sync and flags discrepancies as soon as they occur, so errors are less frequent and faster to resolve.



Noyo shows the status of each request, gives round-trip confirmation that coverage changes took effect as expected, and flags anything that needs attention.

Sana Benefits
"I can trust that transactions going through Noyo are going to be done right; that peace of mind is huge."

Hannah Thompson

Platform Integration Lead, Beam Dental
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