The age of connected insurance is here

Insurance coverage means access to quality care. It’s security, it’s peace of mind. Noyo is building a future where insurance is easy to understand and even easier to use, so everyone can be empowered to make the best decision possible.

We envision a world where people are always connected to their benefits

Insurance data should be embedded in the applications we use every day. It should be as easy to access your benefits as it is to connect a bank account or make a payment online. To get there, we need better connectivity between all the systems that touch insurance, so the millions of people who rely on coverage always feel protected.

A technology-first approach

APIs are at the heart of everything we do

For too long, the insurance industry has been stuck on dated, custom-coded files, paper processes, and other legacy tech. Noyo is creating the building blocks for modern, dynamic benefits experiences, and new tooling to improve accuracy and transparency when managing insurance data.

 Everything we engineer is built with scalability and flexibility in mind–we’re bringing the age of connected insurance to everyone.


Building the engine for modern insurance starts with amazing people

Our leadership

“The industry is changing and consumers expect more. Noyo is the bridge to a future where insurance data moves freely, so coverage is always there when you need it.”

Shannon Goggin, Noyo CEO and Co-founder

Our partners

We're backed by leading Silicon Valley investors