“As a teacher for the past 15 years, I have always embraced the newest technology and tried to incorporate it into my classroom. When the iPad came out, (I found it) such an amazing teaching tool, I knew that a program like this would be an exciting, fun, interactive way to learn a language.”Mike Sullivan, in the WestonPatch

Mike Sullivan, a career educator and dynamic classroom teacher, has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years. Mike’s natural passion for education continually inspires him to pursue new opportunities to improve his craft. When Mike is not in the classroom, you can find him spending as much time as possible with his wife and 1-year-old twins. His children’s imagination and overpowering curiosity have further fueled Mike’s desire as both a parent and educator to seek out new and better methods of learning.

Mike believes that travel can be the best education, and has led numerous groups of students on trips to Spain and Central America. By immersing himself in foreign cultures as both a teacher and traveler, Mike has encountered first-hand the challenges and practical necessities of daily communication abroad. He has had the opportunity to observe and evaluate a multitude of cutting-edge language learning techniques, spanning a wide range of formats.

Over the years, Mike has taken the best of these language learning methods, and reinterpreted, synthesized, and incorporated them to the benefit of his own classrooms. As students enter the doorway of “La Clase de Don Miguel,” a metamorphosis occurs. Mike’s enthusiastic pedagogy transforms each student into an international traveler on an inspired journey through the rich and varied cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Rather than going through the motions of memorizing enough boring phrases and vocabulary words to game the grading system, students discover a fresh and exciting world where dynamic, project-based learning allows them to dream and excel beyond the limits of their old educational goals and aspirations.

Currently teaching 4th and 5th grade language in the Weston Public School system, Mike continues to constantly evaluate, embrace, and explore the potential of continually evolving technology to make his classroom come alive. As “Don Miguel” says,“Without exaggeration, we are in the midst of an historical technologically induced Educational Reformation the likes of which the world has not encountered since the advent of the printing press. As we apply new remote teaching tools in the classroom, the physical and temporal definition of ‘classroom’ itself is transformed. The sooner we as educators recognize and proactively engage this revolution to our students’ advantage, the better prepared we are to lead this privileged new generation of tech-savvy students into a brave new world of educational opportunities. Our children’s future success is only limited by our own boldness, preparedness, and imagination in applying these new learning technologies.

Mike advances an exciting pedagogical model that integrates transformative technology into classroom learning, and we are pleased to announce that his battle-tested classroom methods are now available to all. Mike has applied his lifelong experience as an educator to conceptualize a practical and innovative teaching tool that allows students to acquire the building blocks of a language, anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.