Noyo Spanish now on iTunes

It’s amazing how much joy you can get from just a few pixels.

See that button on the right?

This button, now gloriously displayed on all pages of our site, is a result of months of effort by a dozen people to create a vocabulary building app worthy of release.

We are very happy to announce the launch of Noyo Spanish Vocab Builder – Beginner for iPad!

For just $7.99, we’ll teach you over 1800 Spanish vocabulary terms in 194 gloriously illustrated scenes. Words are grouped into eight units, each covering a part of everyday life: Food, Travel, the City, School, House and Home, Seasons, Animals, and Sports. Each word is clearly voiced by native speaker and professional voice actor, Alba Aragón.

We are proud that our first Noyo vocabulary app is available for sale. Also excitingly, Android is going through the final stages of production and will be released very soon!

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