Picture-Perfect Language Learning

Designed by an experienced language educator and an entrepreneur in educational technology, Noyo is a supplemental vocabulary builder for learners in their first three years of foreign-language study. Noyo’s “picture-perfect” tablet app for the iPad and Android tablets combines engaging graphics, high-quality audio from native speakers, and intuitive navigation to transform vocabulary learning from tedious chore to laugh-out-loud fun.

The Noyo vocabulary-building system links images and sound with memorable scenes and characters, brought to life by our team of talented artists. Students interact with lively, custom-illustrated scenes by tapping on individual items to access audio and written translations of each word. Featuring thematic vocabulary units packed with friendly characters, entertaining scenarios, and focused assessment questions, Noyo is an enjoyable and effective learning tool at an incredible value.


Hundreds of scenes and thousands of vocabulary words in targeted units

Each Noyo app contains custom illustrations and important vocabulary divided into thematic units. Units, vocab, and illustrations are customized for each language by a team of artists, native speakers, and linguists.

beautiful graphicsBeautiful Graphics

Our graphics team is always hard at work, developing new, language-specific illustrations that help you learn new vocabulary in surprising and interesting ways. You can earn the names of fruits by riding a rickshaw through an open marketplace, the flags of the world by interacting with a champion skateboarder, or personal adjectives by looking at fish at an aquarium.

Voiced by professional, native speaker talent

We are lucky to be located in Boston, MA, which has many vibrant foreign-language communities. Each of our apps is voiced by a local recording artist who is a native speaker of the target language. Check out the “Meet the Voice Artists” page for each language to learn more about the people who bring Noyo to life.

Intuitive Navigation

Learning new words is simple with Noyo apps; touch on an item to learn a vocab item, or touch on a title to hear a full sentence description of a scene. When you’re ready to learn new words, simply swipe your finger across the screen.

Ideal for classroom curriculum integration

Here are Noyo we are dedicated to working with teachers to create useful teaching tools. Our co-founder, Mike Sullivan, is a Spanish teacher, himself! Noyo apps are divided into helpful units, each of which contains a built-in assessment unit. Students can touch on the trophy icon to review stats–including words learned, time spent in-app, and assessment scores–and email them to their teacher. We also post full vocabulary lists and helpful powerpoint presentations to our website on the “Educators” pages.