Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Sound doesn’t work on my iPad!

A: Due to an Apple bug, if your system volume is muted, the sound in the app won’t play. This is easy to miss, since it doesn’t affect playback for music and videos. Try one of the following fixes:

Unmute from the Multi-tasking Bar:
1) Double-tap the Home button so the Multi-tasking Bar appears along the bottom of the screen.
2) Swipe the menu to the right so you can see the media player controls.
3) Unmute system volume by tapping on the sound icon on the left.

Unmute using the side button:
1) Go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch To.
2) Select mute.
3) Unmute system volume using the side button.
4) You can then set the side button to do whatever you want, knowing that your system volume is on.

Q: What age range is Noyo for?

A: Learners of all ages will find Noyo’s lively illustrations and dynamic sound recordings to be entertaining and engaging as they build language vocabulary. Noyo’s intuitive, user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can navigate our platform with ease.

Q: I paid for an app, but now it won’t download.

A: The graphics and sounds make the app large. Apple requires that any iPad app over 20MB be downloaded over WiFi, and not via cellular data. Once you connect to a WiFi network, the download should start automatically.

In Android, usually this means that your transaction hasn’t cleared in Android Market. In most cases, updating your credit card information and billing addresses fixes this issue. In some cases, we need to manually cancel your previous order. If you tried to use carrier billing on Android Market, it probably failed. It never actually seems to work. We suggest you go the credit card payment route. If you are in an area with a weak cellular signal, connecting to Wi-Fi will also allow you to download the app.

Q: I’m unable to purchase your app.

In most cases, updating your credit card information and billing addresses fixes this issue.

Q: I think I might have been double-charged.

Android Market and iTunes generally don’t double charge because you are only able to buy the application once. Wait for your credit card statement to arrive, and if you have been double charged, just e-mail us at and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: I found an content error, bug or crash.

Please report issues to, and we’ll deal with them promptly.

Q: There’s a bug with an Android tablet.

Android tablets are quirky. Each one has a slightly different implementation, and the results can be unpredictable. We test extensively, but Ted could only afford to buy a couple of tablets, and use the emulator. We do promise we’ll try to work through anything you tell us about.

Q: I lost my tablet. My dog ate my tablet. I dropped my tablet in the toilet. I lost my apps.

If you bought the same type of tablet, your apps should be linked to your account and you should be able to restore them. If you bought a different type of device to replace your existing phone, we may be able to replace your app as a courtesy on a case-by-case basis if you have switched to an Android or iOS device. We do this as a courtesy, as other developers typically won’t do this (think of the economics of human intervention for apps that sell for a few bucks), and it may take a few days. In order for us to do this, please forward the receipt from your previous purchase to and let us know what your new device is.