Noyo for Educators

Educator Discount

Noyo will be available at discount for educators and school systems through Apple’s App Store Volume Purchase Program.


Why Noyo in the Classroom?


  • Designed by experts in language and education

Noyo’s team includes a veteran language teacher, an educational technology entrepreneur, a linguist, and native-speaker translators, editors, and voice artists. The interactive scenes and spiraling curriculum are customized for each language to support vocabulary acquisition. A series of slides in Noyo Chinese shows scenes from a traditional Chinese wedding while teaching Mandarin words for food and family relationships. In Noyo Spanish, a custom scene humorously juxtaposes animals and food to teach that, unlike in English, the fish you eat and the fish you keep as a pet have different names in Spanish.


  • Unique interactive platform

Noyo is an interactive vocabulary-building tool with vivid characters and themes that run throughout the spiraling curriculum.


  • Words in context

Words and phrases are introduced in context, making vocabulary acquisition and retention a cinch for any student.


  • All-hours access

Students can access instructional material on their iPad or Android tablets at any time of the day or week, which means learning isn’t restricted to class hours.


  • High-tech learning

The iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile and tablet devices are already a significant part of many students’ everyday life, and they continue to increase in popularity. Noyo capitalizes on students’ comfort and familiarity with these technologies to enhance and supplement the language learning process.


  • Built-in assessment and stat-sharing capabilities

Noyo’s assessment program is built into the vocabulary-building platform, giving teachers the ability to assess students individually or as a group by displaying the tablet device on a Smartboard during language learning. The stats page allows students to track time spent on the app, words learned, and individual and mean assessment scores. Students can even email their scores directly from the app.

Teaching Tools

We’ve created some free supporting classroom materials for Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin.